PayorLink Employee Health Benefits
PayorLink Employee Health Benefits
PayorLink Employee Health Benefits
PayorLink Employee Health Benefits


    PayorLink EMPLOYEE - Secure cloud access for individual employee health benefits using UserID and Password provided by the employer, provider and/or Insurance. Employees are encouraged to realize that wellness and productivity are intertwined. A sense of ownership is created to care cost-contain for both self and dependents; that wellness impacts corporate productivity. Features governing staff claims are included in this section of PayorLink for the employee.


    PayorLink EMPLOYER - Employers can now easily manage employee health benefits digitally connected to care provider clinics, surgeries and hospitals. No more time-consuming problematic paper forms. Employers benefit in full the advantages of having a web-based realtime information system to access and manage employee health related information to include payable status in realizing staff wellness goals and cost optimization.


    PayorLink PROVIDER - Doctors, clinics, surgeries, hospitals, TPAs, insurance and other care providers can now provide online employee health benefit services to panel payors clients who are still using paper based claims forms for their employees. Benefitting panel payor companies as additional services by care providers that impact productivity and promoting employee healthy lifestyles and wellness.


    PayorLink INSURANCE - A comprehensive employee health benefit platform for Insurance, Broker, HMO, MCO and TPA companies. Managing healthcare costs without reducing employee benefits anytime, anyplace woldwide on secure mobile wireless devices with realtime connectivity and authentication features for prompt processing and management of claims. Employee Health = Employee Productivity.

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